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"Riveting, completely absorbing and with an ending I won't forget. Highly recommended." - E. Harris (★★★★★)           "There’s something for everyone here: intrigue, espionage, love, deceit, despair. The novel runs the full extent of the emotional landscape and everyone within it is affected once the wheels are put in motion... A wonderfully fulfilling read and an excellent offering by a first-time author." - Kat Kennedy, author of Flamingo Funeral & Tales from the Land of Tea Cakes and Whiskey (★★★★★)           "This book just doesn’t stop. From the first page to the last, I found myself tumbling through an accelerating world of espionage, romance; coincidence at its most absolutely consequential... An easy 5 stars." - Katherine Parsons (★★★★★)                 "A compelling read with rich and relatable characters that tore at my heartstrings and had me laughing out loud, as well as twists and turns right down to the last page. Brilliant, I highly recommend it." - Audrey Hefer (★★★★★)           "Remarkable editing. I loved the cut-throat attitudes, family secrets, disclosed love, and karma woven within the pages. This will be an author to watch and I hope he continues to write." - Jojo Maxson (★★★★★)           "A book you will savor word for word!" - Jacqueline Roche, producer and on-air personality, Pawling Public Radio (★★★★★)           "Contains more twists and turns than The Guggenheim. Not only are the lives of the main characters at risk but also many of the shocking surprises in the novel are almost heart-stopping to read." - Susan Alpert (★★★★★)                 "This book is perfect in all dimensions. Whether it is the character development or execution, how they were aptly handled demonstrated to me that the author is a very skilled writer. This is one of the best-executed books I've ever read." - Isaac H. (★★★★★)                 "An international espionage brilliantly surfaces in the middle of corruption, infidelity, and betrayal in ways no one can imagine. What a good read." - Beatus (★★★★★)                 "A never ending adventure that kept me enticed the whole time" - Veronica Ouellette (★★★★★)                 "There is a nostalgic feel to the work, despite it only being set a few short years ago, one which gives it the grandeur of the past at the same time as dealing with the real human issues of present daily life... A must-read for fans of unique literary character study." - KC Finn (★★★★★)                 "Immensely entertaining... A study of human behavior per excellence. Highly recommended." - Grady Harp (★★★★★)                 "Wow. Just wow! What a tangled web of deception and intrigue disguised as every day life in a NYC luxury co-op. It’s a must read!!" - Andrea DiPressi Hrehovcik (★★★★★)                 "Finegan writes in prose that is exciting and atmospheric and knows how to develop backstory without distracting readers from the main plot points... I loved the way the author 'shows' rather than 'explains' the elements of the conflict. Cooperative Lives is a novel that is very interesting, infused with realism and humanity." - Romuald Dzemo (★★★★★)                 "Does not miss a beat as he shows the good and bad that can be found in a co-op... Definitely recommend reading." - Janet Oberman (★★★★★)                 "A superb big city/small neighborhood story. I really, unexpectedly, enjoyed this book!" - S. Quick (★★★★)                 "Best of all is the development of the characters... [Their] opinions, thoughts, and perspectives are included, giving each a unique place and role in the work... Cooperative Lives ... is skilfully written with its believable characters, suspenseful scenes, and gripping events." - Edith Wairimu (★★★★★)                 "Difficult but best book I've read in years of massive reading" - Chretien (★★★★★)                 "A talent for description and realistic storytelling... An enjoyable literary title" - Dr J Reads (★★★★★)                 "A fine balance that explores how various personalities can react and be impacted by an event that can happen at both personal and national levels... A highly engaging, vibrant read." - Amy Williams (★★★★★)                 "The soap opera book I didn’t know I needed... One of my favorite books this year for sure!" - Katherine Hebert (★★★★★)                 "A great read" - Rev. Stephen R. Wilson (★★★★★)                 "Such a suspenseful thrill of a book that it continues to haunt me post-read!" - Ryan E. Maliski (★★★★★)                 "Thought provoking... Cooperative Lives is beautifully written." - Rebecca A. (★★★★★)                 "An incisive look at the social lives, minds, foibles and aspirations of people" - Scarlett Jensen (★★★★★)                 "A fast-paced page turner with all of the dramatic elements to make it exciting! For someone who absolutely loves studying everything about New York City, this was an engaging, exciting read." - A. Cannady (★★★★★)                 "I really enjoy reading books that I can very much relate with and this book definitely gives me just what I want... Definitely reading this book more than twice." - Karyn H. (★★★★★)                 "We are proud to announce that COOPERATIVE LIVES by Patrick Finegan is a B.R.A.G.Medallion Honoree. This tells readers that this book is well worth their time and money!" - gj indieBRAG (★★★★★)                 "Once you put this book down, you won’t leave it and forget it... This book will keep you thinking and observing." - KMB13 (★★★★★)                 "A wild and crazy ride indeed. Highly recommend." - V.E. (VINE Voice) (★★★★)                 "One of the best novels I have read in recent times... I recommend this book to every reader who likes complex stories and minute descriptions. As for me, I hope I will have the chance to read Finegan’s works again." - fmd1821 (★★★★/4)                 "A must read... I enjoyed reading it so much I read it a second time so I could pick up on the nuances I missed the first time." - dcb (★★★★★)                 "An incredibly interesting book" - corinaelena (★★★★/4)                 "Meant to be read at least twice. Maybe more." - DC Brown (★★★★/4)                 "Cooperative Lives is a very complex novel, but ... a page turner. What starts out as a somewhat chaotic story-line turns into each character's story falling into place. A thoroughly enjoyable novel. Definitely worth checking out." - Kim Aalaie (★★★★★)                 "A gripping read. A complex tale that the author weaves very passionately." - Moushmi Radhanpara (★★★★★)                 "The story lines were layered and complex ... but all very real, recognized or recognizable. I thoroughly enjoyed reading this book!" - Bill Villari (★★★★★)                 "I loved the book... The lives of the characters are so bizarre and wonderful... If you are bored by regular books and want to feel good for reading a wonderful story, which lingers even after finishing the book, then you must give this book a try." - shravsi (★★★★★)                 "Fantastic writing, great characters and a well-thought-out plot. Pick this one up!" - Stacy (★★★★★)                 "Great characters, fantastic vocabulary, surprises galore." - M.C. (★★★★★)                 "One of the most unusual books I have ever read. The characters stand out in memory and the story is an addictive page turner. Highly recommended!" - Twysted Hemp (★★★★★)                
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